Monday, 6 May 2013

The Croatian twins - doublecut acoustic and electric guitars I know very little about this pair of guitars but I was intrigued to see them being offered for sale on eBay, where the sellers tells us:
The guitars were made in Croatia (ex Yugoslavia) in Muzička naklada Zagreb factory.

The 3 PU electric model (hollow body) is called City and the acoustic model is called Carioca.

Guitars are hard to find separately so they are very, very rare in pair. Both guitars are in very good condition for their age.

There are some marks of use and some laquer cracks on the both of them but normal for their age. They both function mechanical very well. Guitars are with all original parts except for th electric - City where one pot knob is not original.

The guitars were made probably at the end of the 60-es or early 70-es. Muzička naklada Zagreb was one of two musical instrument companies in former Yugoslavia and a lot smaller than Melodija Mengeš, so the guitars are hard to find.
It's interesting to see that both the electric and acoustic model share the same basic design - I guess it made things easier on the production line to have both models share the same basic construction. Interesting also to see the triple soundholes on the Carioca acoustic guitar.

These guitars are currently being auctioned as a pair by a seller in Croatia with a starting bid of £400.

G L Wilson

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