Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pre-war 1930s vintage Harmony Supertone parlour guitar - La Habernera
At nearly 80 years old and showing signs of heavy usage, this pre-WWII 1930s Harmony Supertone "La Habernera" parlour guitar could surely tell a few tales.

The "La Habernera" artwork on the front of the guitar could be considered kitsch by today's tastes, but to me it all adds to the guitar's whimsy making it all the more interesting. Personally, I'd much prefer this than anything with skulls all over it, as the modern cliché seems to be.

The fingerboard seems to be covered in some kind of pearloid material - I've seen the same on other parlour guitars of the same era - but you'll notice that wear and tear through heavy playing has worn away much of the pearloid down to the bare wood of the neck, possibly illustrating why it was used in the first place: so as to avoid using expensive rosewood or ebony for the fingerboard.

Currently listed on eBay this auction is finishing within the next 24 hours as I write this, with bidding at $50.99 at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

EDIT: Sold for US $168.39.

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