Monday, 30 March 2015

1959 National/Supro Electric Guitar - Rare and Original

This National guitar is in great shape for a 56 year old. I hope I can say the same about myself when I get to that age in a few scant years. And even better if I'm all original. ( Except the Kluson tuners )

This is a really great example of what Supro was doing in the late 50's. The seller boasts about the pickup and I believe him just based on the look of it.

Currently listed at $700 Canadian.

R.W. Haller

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  1. I do find it really interesting that it has, according to the ad, a single coil humbucker. Hmmm....

  2. Good catch! My eyes must've skipped that

  3. I have owned one of these guitars for 47 years.
    I got it when I was 9 and it was the exact color as the one pictured here however it has since been re-finished in 1957 Fender White which looks pretty cool with the black and gold accents of the hardware. The pickup really does have a lot of balls!!! I have run it through many different amp combos over the years and opened the eyes of former skeptics. The neck is a different story. It's as big as a bat and with no truss rod it can be a beast to properly adjust. I am considering replacing the nut in order to change string spacing and correct string alignment to make it play a bit better. You can't shred on it like a Les Paul or Strat but it's an interesting little collectible that gets attention everywhere I take it and EVERYBODY has to play it at least once!



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