Sunday 8 March 2015

Carvin Allan Holdsworth Signature HH2

I knew Allan Holdsworth's face years before I'd ever heard him play a note.
Way back in 1985 he was predominantly featured in my Ibanez catalogue of guitars. In fact, I think i played one of his Ibanez signature models before I'd heard him play. It was red and had a spider logo on the headstock. Very cool for the 14 year old me.

So when I saw that Carvin had a signature Holdsworth model it caught my eye. I really like the look of this headless guitar. I think it wold make a great travel instrument. Carvin makes great guitars. I play with a bassist who sells and buys gear all the time. The one constant is his Carvin. Something, something......... from his cold dead hands.

Currently listed for $1200 Canadian

R.W. Haller

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:00 am


    I know this is a long shot, considering this post is over a year old, but is there any change this guitar is still available? Please let me know if so.

    If not, do you know anyone else in the Toronto are who owns this particular model? I might end up having to buy one directly from Carvin/Kiesel, but I'd really like to try one first.


    Graham Freeman



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