Saturday, 14 March 2015

Handmade guitar with built in Roland Synth

This hand built guitar doesn't really blow me away where quality or design is concerned. It lands somewhere between an average job by an experienced luthier or a good job by someone with some tools in their garage. I do like that they were trying to build a guitar with the built in Roland pick up, and the neck through design could lend itself well to the over all sound of this guitar.

All that said, at $300 this thing is a great deal. If it's not a player, it's easily worth that in parts.

R.W. Haller

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  1. That's a commendable job on a very ambitious project. Don't see why it would not be a fair player (although I guess you might have tuning issues with that headstock string spread, especially on the D and G)

  2. I don't understand that they have essentially built it to look just like the old Roland G303 anyway... why not do something different. But hey ho...

  3. Anthony, I agree. It's better than the credit I gave it. I may have been in a bad mood that day. That was the day my computer went slightly kaput, that may have had an influence on my mood.

    Graham, it would have been nice as a different design. I agree



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