Thursday, 26 March 2015

Shergold 6 and 12-string double neck guitar, ex Julian Cope
We recently looked at a very fine example of a Shergold doubleneck 4+8 string bass. Now it's time to meet its guitar counterpart, the above pictured Shergold 6+12 string doubleneck which is currently being offered for sale via eBay UK with bids starting at £1,000.

To make it even more interesting, this particular guitar until recently belonged to Julian Cope. I'm pretty sure I've seen it played live at one of his shows that I've attended. The guitar was used on the recording of "Too Freud to Rock'n'Roll, Too Jung to Die" by Cope's power trio Brain Donor. However, the cover of that album features guitarist Doggen Foster holding a totally different doubleneck, namely a Mosrite.

Of course Cope is something of a doubleneck fan. I've seen him playing a customised Danelectrco with guitar and baritone necks, and of course he is the owner of The Beast, an unholy and unwieldy-looking customised Gibson non-reverse Thunderbird/Firebird combination.

G L Wilson

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