Saturday, 21 March 2015

Blake's 12-string solidbody electric Frankenstein
Here's an email we received from Blake:
This guitar was created in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The bolt on neck came from a 70s Epiphone acoustic 12 with broken bracing and poor tone. The body originated as an unidentified 60s Japanese Jazzmaster style guitar that was rescued from a dumpster. In order to combine these instruments, the neck pocket was slightly enlarged, the bridge and tailpiece were modified and relocated for proper intonation, and I designed and fashioned a pickguard from a 12" vinyl record. There are no volume or tone controls to weaken the signal output, just a Lace Alumitone wired straight to the output jack. Two barely playable guitars have been combined to form one highly playable electric 12 string. A recording of it can be heard on my bandcamp page:

Rock on!
Blake Mandrayk
Nice job, Blake. It looks very cool and sounds great too.

Keep those readers guitars pictures coming in, folks!

G L Wilson

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  1. Very nice. I was wondering if it was possible to use the neck of those cheap epiphone 12 strings that way
    They are not rare and frequently the body is in a sorry state.
    As i'm a lefty player and used lefty 12 strings electrics are quite rare, it may be the way to go.
    You could have put a Volume knob at least... imho it is essential to taylor your sond, not only for the sake of volume control.



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