Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Banjocaster. Custom made Telecaster conversion


I recently purchased a 1970s era made in Japan banjo and I was doing some internet searching to figure out if it was sold under a specific brand as it has no name ( my best guess so far is that its an Iida.....but will keep looking ).

In my searching I came across this great little custom project.
This Banjocaster looks like it was built from a fairly entry level Telecaster, or from parts of that quality level.

The idea is great even if some of the work is not of the highest fit and finish. Plus I'd love to hear Foggy Mountain Breakdown through that humbucker.

R.W. Haller

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  1. Cool, that's my old banjocaster that I had built in the early 90's and sold a few of years back. The neck was built from scratch and the rest of the parts are stew-mac with Dimarzio pickups. It's got a phase switch and I had the finish removed from the back of the neck.

  2. Hey I noticed the pick ups are regular guitar 6 magnet pick ups. I have been planning on making an electric banjo out of and stratocaster I have. I was thinking I had to get custom 5 magnet pick ups for banjo strings. So do the regular guitar pick ups work ok?



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