Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fretless Ibanez AF84E Jazz Guitar

To my knowledge Ibanez never made a fretless version of this guitar so I must assume that this AF84E was modified to be fretless.

I'd love to hear a solid jazz player take a crack at this. I'm not sure if I could do it any justice. I have a fret dependancy, just as anyone who has heard me attempt the violin can confirm.

Currently listed at a very agreeable $400 Canadian

R.W. Haller

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  1. True, the AF-84, a non-cutaway, laminated and pressed non-cutaway archtop, was only available in a version with and without a pickup (resp. AF-84E and AF84-DVS, the latter abbreviation stands for 'dark violin sunburst'). Both were fretted and had pearly block inlays, so this is a post-market modification, but very nicely done.

    The instrument itself plays and sounds nicely, but it wasn't very expensive. Not a lot of lows, but loud mids and highs. It was only produced for a very limited time in the summer of 2004 (Ibanez quickly turned to shallower bodies for their artcore series). It's retro appointments were quite unique, and made it a forerunner of the Godin 5th avenue and kingpin series.

    Their rarety does make them command slightly higher prices now than the original purchase prices (around 300 USD then, around 400 USD now). I'm holding on to mine.



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