Saturday, 18 April 2015

Warmoth Telemaster in stunning Blackburst Finish

I'm fairly surprised that the Telemaster style of guitar is as polarizing as it is. I became a fan when Fender Custom Shop built the prototype for Makin' Music, a Chicago guitar dealer.

Since then, as I've researched and coveted this awesome hybrid, I have found either sheer adoration or pure vitriol for the Telemaster. Not a lot of indifference.

As a Telecaster player and a former Jazzmaster owner ( stolen in 1990.....still fills me with rage to think about it ) I cannot help but love the design.

This Telemaster built with Warmoth and USACG parts borders the line where it almost could have been too flashy or precious yet held back enough to land in a very classy place.

It was listed for $700 OBO in Calgary, but wasn't up for long before someone, sadly not I, snatched it up.

R.W. Haller

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