Thursday, 23 April 2015

DeArmond S67 Seven String Solid Body Guitar

I'm not a seven string player. Years ago I briefly owned a 7 string Ibanez Acoustic and found that i never used the low B string. I eventually took it off, then sold the guitar.

If I were to decide to try again, i think I've found the guitar I would get. 
This DeArmond S67 is a nicely understated take on an SG style body and to me looks a lot less "metally"or aggressive as many 7 string offerings. 

On a related topic, has anyone here ever tried to string a 7 string with a high A instead of a low B? I suspect much potential for string breakage, but maybe there is something I don't know. What is the thinnest high string you've seen?

R.W. Haller

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  1. The late great Lenny Breau played a seven-string with a high A and I believe he used an .008 for the top string, but his guitar also had a short scale length (something like 22.75").

  2. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of the manufacturers name, but I know at least one company made a model with a high A in the 80's. It also featured a correspondingly deep cutaway. The strings were incredibly thin for the scale, and I can only imagine it was shrill as all getout.
    The model playing it in the ad, however, was another story. You could've climbed a tower with his hair. It was magnificent.



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