Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Solar Powered Lazar Beam Guitar. Jagster in Red


I cannot quite read the headstock on this Jagster. Duncan? Mincan?
It looks like a nice enough and affordable take on the design. Just $225.

I'll let the seller explain the rest:

"Solar Powered Lazar Beam Guitar! Never used, still has the plastic on the pick guard. Didn't see any "live" action as I couldn't get the Space Ship part right. Jazz Master style with HSS configuration, upgraded electronics and pups. Cool vintage Hugger Orange finish. Selling for the cost of the upgrades. $225 or will trade for a Flux Capacitor, Mr. Fusion model. This is a well built instrument!"

He's clearly referencing the classic 1970s Canadian rock radio hit Spaceship Superstar by the band Prism.

And for that, he's totally awesome.

R.W. Haller

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