Saturday, 25 April 2015

Strangely compelling Quest Atak 1 from the 1980s

I have to start this post with a disclaimer. 

I do not really like the "metal" guitars of the 1980s. Even during the 80s when I did indeed have teenage predilections towards metal, I did not like the guitars. 

So, why would I post an obvious 1980s metal guitar? Why would I post a guitar with a spider web on the pick guard?

I like it. 
I like it, like, a lot. 

There are indeed things that I would change on this Quest Atak 1. It would not have a spider web, it would be a hardtail bridge, and I'd not have used red for the any of the colouring or, especially, the fret markers.

But the overall shape and design of this guitar is quite desirable to me.

I refuse to hide my shame.

Anyone with me on this?

R.W. Haller

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  1. I'm with ya. The pickguard has got to go, though.

  2. Anonymous2:19 pm

    I learned on a Quest Atak 2 and have since come into possession of a Quest 4Play - which I think is essentially the Atak 4. (Atak 1-3 and the 4Play all have the same body shape) They are solid-as-hell guitars, I hope you enjoy.

  3. Yes, they're awesome quirky oldies and great finds



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