Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Tenacious D "Brute Legend" guitar


When you consider the facts, you might think this guitar doesn't have a lot going for it.

It's inspired not only by Jack Black's comedy metal act Tenacious D, but also by a computer game called "Brute Legend". (And let's not dwell too long on the subject of computer games. G****r H**o and the like are very much a tabboo topic on this blog).

But you know what? I quite like it. It's obviously informed by the Flying V, but I like the shape, the carving, the colour of the timber. As a design - even for comedy purposes - it is quite aesthetically pleasing.

Apparently the Brutal Legend Promo 'Love Giver' Guitar - as it is named in the eBay listing - is from a strictly limited run of guitars that were given away as prizes by EA Games. Or something. (I need a teenager to translate, I think. I know nothing about computer games and care even less). I'm not sure who actually built this guitar or how many were made. If anyone can furnish us with this information, please use the comments below.

Of course, this isn't the first computer games-inspired guitar we've looked at. There was the ridiculously named and cartoon-like Fernandes Um Jammer Lammy, not to mention a Sonic The Hedgehog guitar (did anyone seriously think that character looked even remotely like a hedgehog?).

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  1. All that carving on the body...And a bog-standard Strat headstock?!!



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