Saturday, 27 November 2010

Atlas guitar from Hicksville
This so-called Vintage Atlas guitar is a bit of an oddity (see also here). It appears to be a generic 1960s semi but looks to be in such remarkably good condition that it could almost be new. The seller on eBay tells us that:
The label inside the F hole has an Atlas emblem and model number AC-2, a penciled serial number, and Atlas Musical instrument 319 West John Street, Hicksville, Long Island, NY. I have seen this label on acoustics, but on nothing of this quality.
Well, I may be wrong, and am quite happy to be corrected on this, but to me the guitar absolutely screams "JAPANESE". Atlas Musical Instruments would be the store that sold these guitars - it may even have been a brand name applied to such imported guitars.

Nevertheless, it's a very nice time capsule instrument, and so good to see it in such perfect condition.

G L Wilson

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