Friday, 26 November 2010

1965 Firebird V Kerry Green

We showed a series of Firebirds here last spring, and I noted then that there's been very few variations in the model over its six decades of existence - I rule out the non reversed body, that was just a temporary erring by Gibson in a bad phase, as is the current Firebird X - that leaves the number of pickups, the tremolo, the finish and that's it. 

So finding a Firebird to show here is mostly about colour, and to me this sweet pop Kerry green finish is enough to redefine the guitar! That's the instrument I would play if I would join an all-girl Japanese neo-psychedelic J-pop band in Yves Saint-Laurent's Mondrian mini dresses (I know that it is quite unlikely but life is full of surprises...) Makes me feel like eating a raspberry-pistachio ice cream (though it's snowing here).


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