Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Höfner Bat prototype ... revisited
Filippo writes:

I noticed my Hofner Bat on

I'm restoring it.

Found the right tuners, the bridge, the truss rod cover and all knobs/controls. All Hofner parts (except for the selector and switch) from the 60s, of course.

A friend of mine, a genius, restored the neck & headstock. Completely restored except s/n and some finish wear. Impossible to realize it has been restored. Still not reglued.

Body and pickups still untouched.

The new scratchplate has been made after hours of work to obtain the right sizes. Conclusions drawn by an architect who has been based on some photographs + body signes valutation. A perfect job done with old 4 layers piece.

The amp: the original one is gone and it isn't possible to have it.

I'll buy a small amp (which?????) and in a way or in another way I'll install it with a 4" speaker or a bigger one mounted with an option.

This guitar will be equipped with a modern amp with digital effects without extra holes or other modifications. Of course!

It needs an amp, so why not a modern one? It's inside and will be great for (home and entertainment only) playing!

Best regards,
Great to hear from you, Filippo, and I'm so pleased to hear that this fantastic old guitar is being restored. If you want to send us any further photos of the resoration process or the finished guitar, we'd love to see them here on Guitarz.

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  1. do you still have this guitar? would you be willing to part with it? Or does anyone know where I can find one?



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