Monday, 29 November 2010

1969 Marshall Supa Fuzz

Cannot find any exciting guitars around lately, and had a little tech geek phase these last days, so I decided to go for vintage pedals, and was happy to find this Marshall Supa Fuzz.

There are some people out there who have the same kind of love and dedication to effect pedals that you have for guitars (I suppose so if you read this blog!) People who know everything about every pedals, upgrade them with mod kits and can debate for ever about why the one that makes Grrrkkkkrssfzzzz is better than the one that makes Grzzzzrrfffffrzzz, etc... 

Anyway, the Supa Fuzz is one of the first effect pedals ever released (this one is not from 1967 as it is listed on eBay though, this design came up only in 1969) and I don't have much more anecdotes (I could tell that Pete Townsend used one in 1968 but quickly shifted to a Fuzz Face, then an Univox, but this just tells that the Supa Fuzz was probably not the best fuzzbox of the time!) 


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