Tuesday, 5 June 2012

1981 Westone doublecut electric guitar

Kaizerart, the French seller of this Westone doublecut guitar from 1981 refers to it as being "70 Years" model, a reference that is lost on me. It's one of the earlier Japanese-made Westones from the 1980s, from before the better known models such as the Thunder, Concorde and Spectrum series. It's essentially a double cutaway Les Paul style guitar (albeit with simpler controls), with an arched top, set neck, and Bordeaux red finish.

This guitar is currently being offered for sale on EBay France with over five days left for the auction to run and with bidding currently just over €50 at the time of writing. If anyone can explain the "70 Years" reference to me, please leave a note in the comments.

G L Wilson

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  1. I'd guess that it's a mistranslation of '1970s' rather than '70 years'. Still, cool, if gawky, early Japanese guitar.

  2. In French, we say "les annés soixante-dix" to say "the seventies." It translates directly as "the 70 years," but you wouldn't actually say it that way unless your English needs some working on. So, the guy thinks his guitar dates from the 70s.

  3. He just means that the guitar is probably from the seventies, not seventy years old !

  4. At a guess, "From the 1970s."

  5. What you refer to as "70 Years" in the original French of the advert is "annees 70" which actually just means "from the 70s" or even just "70s", meaning the decade of manufacture not any model name. Further down the page the seller obviously has found out it's actually from 1981 (presumably from the serial number) as he puts "GUITARE DE 1981 EXACTEMENT MERCI" = "guitar is actually from 1981 thanks". Finally my A-level French has been of some use! Hope this helps.

  6. Thanks everyone. I know, I know... my French is APPALLING!

    The fact that I KNEW that Westone were not producing guitars in the 1970s probably closed my mind to the possibility of it saying that the guitar was "from the 1970s".


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