Thursday, 7 June 2012

Micro-Frets Caliber I from another almost forgotten American guitar innovator
Micro-Frets guitars turn up very rarely on eBay, and even less so on eBay UK. This Micro-Frets Calibre I, circa the turn of the 1970s, is currently listed with a Buy It Now price of £750, which isn't bad at all for an American guitar of this vintage in good condition. The seller points out that a set-up to your own requirements may be needed, but hey, any new guitar out of the box needs a good set-up these days, so that's no biggie.

And if you don't know why Micro-Frets were so innovative, I suggest you read a couple of blog posts from the archives, here and (perhaps even more pertinently) here.

G L Wilson

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  1. Had one for a while. Neck almost exactly between fender feel and gibson.

  2. Strikes me some players might be uncomfortable w/ the absence of an actual bone nut. Unless you're all over the place, most of us only touch the nut when re-stringing. Still, it's an important visual ref. I KNEW there had to be more than meets the eye w/ that neck pocket! Actually a (5) bolt neck, top that. The open, inline tuners are less than impressive and if you're not MF purist, might want to consider an upgrade. Vintage players, ignore and rock on!

  3. such cool guitars... I'll have to get myself one, one day...

  4. Just went to look at the Microfrets website ( and it seems to be down. Have they closed down?



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