Friday, 15 June 2012

Strangely shaped guitar with Rellog Gitona pickups

This strangely shaped vintage German guitar set with Rellog Gitona pickups is much probably a Herrnsdorf - considering  its characteristic headstock and prolongated fretboard -, though it doesn't sport any brand...

I cannot tell if this design is great or horrible - probably both!

Rellog Gitona (Gitona stands for Gitarre Tonabnehmer - guitar pickup) was a Markneukirchen-based East-German brand, as was Herrnsdorf.

Bertram D

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  1. Starting price of 199 Euros and currently no bids.

  2. Like a loose tooth. You can't leave it alone ...

  3. Prolongated? There's room for suffleboard. The tuning keys are offset but not randomly, they work for the headstock. Without a pu selector switch are they both hot all the time or controlled by the knobs?

    When I look at so many of these earlier designs you could almost say they were "Pre-Townshend" or pre-Hendrix before designers had an inkling how hard they'd be abused.



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