Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Budweiser collector sells his guitars

It seems that the "King of Beers" is no longer king with this collector who, along with some other Bud paraphernalia, is selling these 4 guitars.

As a fan of more "stouty" beverages I'd likely not be seen on stage with one of these but if I was feeling ironic I'd go all out and grab the Dean logo shape.

R.W. Haller

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  1. I'm with you there, Richard. I'm not a big drinker, but when I have a beer I want something that actually has some taste. Does Budweiser actually qualify as a beer anyway?

  2. "Ain't sing for Miller, don't sing for Bud"

  3. Budweiser in Canada is 5% alcohol, so it's a bit less watery than the American version. I must admit to probably drinking an excess of Bud in my teens, added to the list of poor choices I'd made in the 1980s ( mullet, acidwash, Knophfleresque wristbands , ect.), but as a teen excess was all that mattered. Now, like yourself, it's about quality not quantity. Most of the time.

  4. I think you can brand a solid body electric like that and get away with it...
    but on an acoustic it just looks completely wrong, like somebody wrote it on ther with a felt tip pen in a drunken moment.
    (I admit to bias, as I own a sweet little Aria Sandpiper acoustic)



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