Thursday, 3 July 2008

Grant Nicholas' Jazzbird

Feeder's Grant Nicholas with the JazzbirdWe were listening to "Silent Cry", the latest album by Feeder, in the office yesterday, which reminded me do a search for that guitar that Grant Nicholas plays, the one that looks like a Gibson Firebird with a Fender Jazzmaster neck on it. Now, that's a strange combination, because Gibsons typically have glued in necks whereas Fenders have bolt-on necks.

I could find very little about this guitar, other than Wikipedia's mention of Grant Nicholas owning a "green Custom Jazzbird". Does anyone out there know who built it?

I think it's a very cool looking guitar; somehow the Fender head looks correct teamed up with that particular bodyshape. It would appear that he's got a Jazzmaster tremolo on it too.

I am reminded of John Entwistle's "Fenderbird" basses which married a Gibson Thunderbird body with a Fender Precision neck.

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  1. It was made by a Japanese company called Combat.



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