Monday, 7 July 2008

Leather-covered home-made guitar

Leather covered guitarI'm sure some people will love this unique leather-covered hand-built guitar, but speaking personally I think it looks vile. The shape is bulbous looking and awkward, the leather covering is disturbing, whilst the metal scratchplate is a feature all too often seen on amateur guitars and - to me - it just screams "home built". Not that there's anything wrong with home-built instruments, but some are more tasteful than others.

As for the EMG pickups, well the reason I don't like them is that they just sound like EMG pickups. You could stick them on a Les Paul or you could stick them on a shovel and string it up. They'd sound the same either way. In the case of the shovel you'd be impressed that it could sound like that, but with the Les Paul you'd be losing out on the tonal characteristics of the instrument itself.

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