Thursday, 17 July 2008

Encore Semi archtop electric

Ever get that sense of déjà vu? This is another 335-inspired archtop semi-acoustic guitar, looking rather similar to yesterday's Eko, but this one was made in Japan.

What intrigues me about this guitar is that it carries the Encore name. I'm pretty sure this isn't the same Encore that we know in the UK today (as distributed by John Hornby Skewes) and whose guitars are firmly aimed at the budget end of the market.

I'd say it was a pretty safe bet that our Encore guitar pictured here (nice greenburst, by the way) dates from the 1960s.

Does anyone know anything about this other Encore brand? I'll wager that it was just another brand name and that there was no Encore guitar manufacturer as such. The guitars were probably made in the same factory as Japanese guitars bearing various other brand names. The pickups certainly look familiar.


  1. I have this guitar and am also curious of it's origins. I highly doubt, with the quality of the guitar, that this "Encore" is the same company that makes starter guitars today. It's entirely possible but this guitar has very high attention to detail and high quality parts.

    1. do you still have this guitar? If so, I have one (sunburst) and I need a close up of how the whammy bar is connected.

    2. do you still have this guitar? I have a sunburst model and need info on how the whammy bar is connected.

  2. You have to remember that JHS (the importers) have been in business a long time. Clearly they could not import the type of guitars they sell today, as they were not available. In view of this, the options they had were limited. It seems to me they looked to where all the other firms were importing guitars from - namely Japan.

  3. Encore was Teisco brand. I have one of these guitars. I'm looking for a chrome Tone knob if you know of one.

  4. I am looking to purchase an Encore headstock emblem for a restore that I’m doing

  5. I need an Encoreheadstock medalion



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