Thursday, 10 July 2008

Gretsch TK-300 solid body guitar

Gretsch TK-300Gretsch TK-300Gretsch TK-300
Now, I know that Gretsch always have offered solid body guitars but the very name usually conjures up images of large-bodied semi-acoustics equipped with Bigsbys and having names like Country Gentleman or White Falcon.

The above rather meekly-named Gretsch TK-300 which sold on eBay recently is one solid body Gretsch I've not seen before and design-wise is quite unlike what you would expect from that company. I have to say, I really like it! I like the odd angles of the pickups and scratchplate. The headstock is pretty wacky looking too! My guess is that it was probably a "student" instrument. It's probably quite a rarity too, but seeing as it sold for $725 it obviously doesn't command the big bucks that the more famous Gretsch guitars do.


  1. I have one...and a TK300 bass...yeah I know, the bass is short scale but it sounds great, the guitar is a bit , I dunno, brash...but with all that rock maple it sings, I'm not big on short scale guitars( though I do have a 64 Country Gent) but it's cool for dirty slide stuff.

  2. Hey I just happened on this post looking to see if anyone else had one like it. I bought mine new in 1978, it is the same color as this one and everything! The wiring in it is shot but seeing this has inspired me to go and get it repaired.

  3. Just happened upon this post looking to see if anyone else had a guitar like this. I bought mine new in 1978/79 when I was a teenager. It is this same color and everything. The wiring in it is shot but seeing this has inspired me to get it refurbed :-)

  4. have both the basses (red and blonde) - great instruments

    these were called Gretsch's greatest mistake - by those who don't own them is my guess. The design to my mind though is fantastic and they do sound great



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