Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ibanez S670FM

A few weeks ago I was writing about the guitars I usually overlook when I'm browsing for new stuff to show on the blog, here is one of them - an  Ibanez again, the S670FM. It's hard to tell when classicism turns into banality, but once you go over its boring shape, you find a pretty nice guitar, with a thin round mahogany body (the Ibanez S series was intended to provide light guitars made of mahogany) and nice flamed top  - I usually loathe this but it's actually agreeable when it's not spoiled by a glossy transparent lack. Even the light sunburst is swell!

I like the routing for the jack output, and the sophisticated trem with fine tuning thingummies (sorry I'm too lazy today for precise technical details). If I was given one (yes, I'm the kind of guy who tries to win a guitar for free in these internet giveaways, because I promised to myself not to buy a guitar anymore if it cannot pay for itself, and I don't have a current project that allows that), I'd just add chrome humbucker covers (uncovered pickups are not my cup of tea) and probably enjoy it because I have nothing in this style, and I trust Ibanez for the sound...


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