Monday, 14 February 2011

Hondo II Iceman rough copy
Despite the glowing write-ups in certain eBay listings that I've seen, Hondo guitars have a dreadful reputation, and I've heard many an ex-owner complain that they were cheap and nasty - and often unplayable - copies. Judging by this Hondo copy of an Ibanez Iceman, they weren't very accurate copies either. Look at the shape of that thing - that curvy lower is slightly reminiscent of a Musicvox Spaceranger. I'm also aware of the irony of an Ibanez Iceman copy, when before the Iceman, Ibanez were copyists themselves.

So, any Hondo owners or ex-owners out there? Were they really all that bad?

G L Wilson

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  1. I have one of those Iceman, and i´ve had the Ibanez ICT400, to be honest, i prefer my Hondo II.

  2. I owned the black-finish version of this guitar. After much head-scratching, I finally determined that the bridge had been mounted in the incorrect spot for a guitar with this scale (its scale being derived from the spacing of the frets). I probably should have turned it into a fretless guitar, but I just ripped the DiMarzio's out of it, for another project.

  3. I had a Hondo II P bass copy someone gave me. It was a very nice bass. I just replaced the cheap tuners for something better.

  4. This was my first guitar ever back in the 80's - I still have it and it still has an awesome sound - super playable!!!

  5. I have one of these - it's a nice guitar now, but I rebuilt it from pretty much totally thrashed, so it's hard to say what it was like to begin with. It's heavier than an Explorer. Also, the one I have is a year or three older than the one pictured - the "can opener" feature looks much more like the original. A musician once offered me $400 for it. I declined.



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