Sunday, 27 February 2011

1960s Klira with cool gear

Usually I would not have posted about this 1960s Klira because I didn't find a photo of the whole guitar, but actually I mostly wanted to focus on the gear - particularly the tremelo!

I know I told this many times but I really love these old German trems - it seems that each company did create a new one for each model - this is quite different nowadays!

This very vintage hollow body guitar has other cool stuff - the mini-humbuckers, the rotating switch... It's a pity that the top is warped and sagging, I wonder if it's fixable...


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  1. Bertram
    i had a simular guitar in the sixties! is this one for sale


  2. I've got a really similar guitar, but a slightly different model I think
    could anyone help identify it?
    can't find anything about the exact model anywhere on the internet

  3. I've got a very similar guitar but a slightly different model i think.
    Could anyone help identify it if i send a picture?
    I literally can't find anything about it on the internet



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