Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Voss jazz guitar

What a poor guitar blogger I am, today again I cannot say much about this Voss jazz guitar, but a rough description. First of all, I never heard about the Voss brand so far, even after a few years spent glorifying German schlaggitarren, and a quick Google search gives just a few contradictory inputs, from rebranded cheap plywood models to high end West-German luthier...

So let's see what we have here: a hollow-body guitar without all the sophisticated details you usually find on German jazz guitars (original design, German carve, etc...), electronics all connected in one block comprising the pickup, the pickguard and a control plate supporting the knobs, inserted between the neck (very German style with a few missing frets) and the bridge. That could be a cheap way to turn an acoustic archtop into an electric one, like Egmond used to do, but that is also how some very sophisticated jazz guitars used to be, when electric was still on the verge of being vulgar and had to be just amplification....

The wood doesn't look so amazing, but the gear is quite well designed, the system is unique and smart, so I have a positive feel about this guitar, but I'd be interested in having other point of views...


EDIT: again, Guitarz having brilliant readers, there is key information to be found in the comments.

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