Saturday, 31 March 2012

John's attic guitar find - Any ideas as to the identity of this weird old guitar?

I just discovered your blog, as I was looking for some information on a guitar that I’ve found in someone's attic.

It looks like something East European, or maybe Italian, from the sixties, but I could find nothing that relates to a name, or brand, or manufacturer.

The only print that I found was on the white potmeter you can see above the bridge pick up. It reads something that begins with ORAL...IO (the dots are not readable), it’s a 100K potmeter (for tone control I guess...).

Maybe you could post the picture to find out if someone knows more on this guitar.

The body and headstock are veneered by someone earlier on, I’ve started scraping the veneer off. I think the guitar was painted in some colour paint originally, because underneath the veneer there’s a thick layer of ground lacquer.

The brass nut is probably not original, and the guitar has a zero fret.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, they were taken with my cell phone.

Greetings from Belgium,


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  1. Anonymous2:15 am

    I believe that's a Klira from the mid-60's. Here is a Craigslist posting of a 2-pickup version:

  2. looks like an old guitar .... Teisco "Gold Foils" SD-4L i think----



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