Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A German take on the Coronado

This Fender Coronado vintage copy doesn't sport the name of the German company that released it probably in the 1970s, and though these special pickguard and headstock shapes look familiar, right now I can't figure the brand - can anybody help?

I love the very Americana-style red/cream gradient paint job and the checked binding, it recalls the fascination German had for American Wild West and the Yougoslavia co-produced proto-spaghetti western series with legendary Winnetou...

Bertram D

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  1. Smells like Hofner VeriThin to me.

  2. Is this an optical illusion or are the f-holes unevenly spaced? The cutaways look linear in one photo but not the other so it's hard to tell. The fret inlays creat another bit of trickery by skipping the trad. 3rd fret.

    Can you imagine sitting in the front row watching someone playing spacey pro-rock after a few drinks? It weirds me out sober! The finish is like a freeze pop where the sugar and food coloring drift toward the bottom.

  3. Itt reminds me of my first guitar, the Jolana Graziella...

  4. Nah, the shape is nothing like the Fender Coronado and has none of its elegance. It's just a very generic hollowbody with a 6-in-a-line headstock and a tremolo. That's where the similarities between it and a Coronado end.

  5. I have to agree with the Verithin comparison. These horns splay out whereas my Coronado's horns are more forward facing. Also the soundholes seem a better proportion to me. The Fender's are quite long and look a bit stretched. I do like the colour and the checker binding. The Coronado II has similar binding (courtesy of Rickenbacker, I believe), but I read it was a little unstable and there were problems with it pinging off. They had to glue it back and repaint them in Antigua. Mine is the first, single pickup, model with simple binding. It's a nice guitar with a really thin neck and a pickup so microphonic that it feeds back at the drop of a hat. I'm contemplating having it rewound to beef it up a little but will certainly have it repotted.

  6. Looks like a version of the Klira Peggy to me. The shape is the same; the pickups and the control layout, and some versions have the Fender-style headstock. The finish appears to be unique to this particular specimen, and the f-holes may be different, but at least one example from a brief Google search actually had the same vibrato unit!

    I wonder who the Peggy was named after. Peggy Sue, perhaps? ;-)

  7. Hi, have the same guitar. It's a Hüttl Beat King

  8. Yep,it's a German Huettl.Mid 60's



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