Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Danish instrumentalists Tremolo Beer Gut play Kraftwerk in a surf / spaghetti western style

Contradictory to my passion for the guitar, I am also a big fan of electronic music and in particular Kraftwerk. I've often said that my ideal band would be like Kraftwerk with guitars (perhaps something like Neu!, and come to think of it might also explain my fondness for Devo), so I take great delight in this version of "The Model" by Danish instrumental covers band Tremolo Beer Gut.

G L Wilson

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  1. And how about the snaky guitar sounds on this version? My favorite:

  2. The Fender Jaguars and the bassist's curly/coiled cable add to the old-timey surf feel. Fun.

  3. This helped make my day tolerable.

    I am doing instro musisc now for my therapy. Learning The standards and new music as well (Instro/surf version of Laday Gagas Bad Romance is a hoot).
    It is amazing to me the influence The Shadows and The Ventures had around the planet. Eleki in Japan, Rautalanka in Finland. It's everyplace. And you can mold anything into it.

  4. There seem to be a lot of twang going on at my city. Check also "The good the bad" ( for some more intense guitar abuse. Tremolo beer gut is not really a covers band. They just made a single album of covers.

    Mathias in Copenhagen

  5. Marvelous work pals, I love reading your articles.



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