Thursday, 31 May 2012

Vintage & Rare Guitar of the Week: The Lanzi Telecarla from Argentina
Last month here on Guitarz we looked at a bass from Argentinian luthiers Lanzi Instruments, namely the Lanzi Mk1 Rick Bass which takes the famous Rickenbacker 4000 series bass design as a starting point and boldy updates it for the 21st Century.

Here we see a left-handed Lanzi Telecarla W. Herrera Signature model in gloss white, which takes Leo Fender's classic design for a certain 62 year old guitar and updates it in the same way that the Rickenbacker design was updated for the MK1 Rick Bass.

This guitar is currently available for sale via Vintage and Rare - please enquire for a price. And if anyone knows who W. Herrera is, please enlighten the rest of us!

G L Wilson

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  1. Looks a bit uneven to me but that might be because it's a lefty I've just had a quick search and can't find a right handed model! I do however like the lanzi jag very much.
    I always would worry that guitars like this with protruding and quite skinny horns would be easily broken.

  2. This could, should be an alternative Tele design. You'd see a lot more younger players getting on the band wagon if these were available alongside the trad. offering. How can something w/ so many distractions, at the same time have clean lines?

  3. I like how his designs are just on the outside of traditional, enough quirk to make it interesting without making it grotesque. very nice

  4. I like that - I do like it when people try and make a definite statement out of an old design - that I think works really well and is a good update of the old favourite.

  5. W (Willy) Herrera is an Argentinian Shredmeister. as evidenced by this youtube clip BTW, W is a rarely used in Spanish. When I was in Argentina (in about 1989) I bought a word game for a souvenir and was surprised to find there was no W but was told it was normal. William, Willy or Bill would be Guillermo as in Guillermo del Toro the Mexican moviemeister.



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