Saturday, 12 May 2012

1960s Japanese-made Conrad Violin Bass with f-holes and scroll headstock
I think I prefer the design of this 1960s Japanese Conrad Violin Bass over that of the Höfner which it is so obviously inspired by (which in turn was inspired by the Gibson EB-0, but because of it being Paul McCartney's bass of choice it's the Höfner design that the legions of copies all emulate). The scroll headstock and the f-holes in the hollow body make it much more violin-like. It's a short-scale bass with a scale length of 30", although this particular example is not 100% original having Eastwood P90 style pickups installed (probably better than the originals) and non-original rosewood volume and tone knobs. Hey, at least the mods are tasteful. That's the golden rule - if you MUST modify a vintage guitar, do it tastefully.

Currently listed on eBay with a very reasonable Buy It Now price of $350.

See here for a 12-string companion to this model.

G L Wilson

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  1. I had to take a closer look when it said "scroll headstock" in the title. Oh so that's what that is. I think that for the modds done, it looks quite nice. Nothing over the top, with new and old blending well together.

  2. Gibson's "violin bass" was actually the EB-1, not the EB-0. But I'm sure you knew that... ;-)

  3. Would a 1958 Conrad bass neck fit in a Epiphone Thunderbird?

  4. Would a1958 Conrad bass neck fit in a Epiphone thunderbird ?

  5. Would a 1958 Conrad bass neck fit a Epiphone thunderbird ?

  6. Are there replacement parts for Conrad basses?

  7. Is this bass for sale?



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