Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A talented street musician with an unusual approach to the guitar, Brisbane Here's a video of a street musician in Brisbane, Australia, filmed and brought to our attention by Benny Kaz. He's certainly a talented young player with a very distinctive individual style. The closest I've seen to this style is some of the rhythmic playing that Kaki King employs in her work. Thanks for sharing, Benny! It's very nicely filmed too.

G L Wilson

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  1. I was just going to say his style has similarities to Kaki King. Very interesting, but I wonder how much you can wrangle out of this style or is it just a one-trick pony kind of thing.

  2. i would say michael hedges was creative enough to come up with several albums using this type of technique along with fingerpicking.

    if this guy would incorporate fingerpicking along with other tunings then he could wrangle out some more ponys.

  3. @ basser_x

    Agreed. Hedges certainly did this kind of thing, combined with more standard techniques and great song-writing. Actually I'm really surprised at the clear tones and harmonics this kid gets. Very crisp.

  4. You've probably seen this......

    Very similar, and he can finger pick as well

  5. I guess this percussive thing would work better if he could hold a beat



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