Monday, 17 September 2012

Vintage & Rare Guitar of (last) Week: Finnish Guitar Works acrylic-bodied Precision Bass
I should really have posted this Vintage & Rare Guitar of the Week a couple of days ago, but as ever, other things came up and before I knew it, it was next week already!

Anyway, here we have an acrylic-bodied Precision-style bass from Finnish Guitar Works (FGW). I don't think we've had the occasion to feature a Finnish-made instrument on the blog before. The slab-bodied Precision design with its single pickup and simple contol layout makes for an ideal instrument to receive the see-through perspex body treatment, as there is not a lot of internal routing to be seen.

This bass is currently being offered for sale via Vintage & Rare, priced at €890.

G L Wilson

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