Saturday, 15 September 2012

Years before Steinberger: C.F. Martin's headless practice/travel guitars
Now here's something quite fascinating. According to the eBay seller:
These are 2 of 5, custom made by Martin employee John Huber, for himself and other Martin employees for business travel. Purchased, by a collector, at the Martin Factory between 1965 and 1976, these guitars have been display pieces and not used instrumentally since. Both are solid folding body of 3/4" unknown wood species. They do not have electronics. Bridge and saddle work appear solid, however the "action" is not suitable for comfortable playing. [...] These models have been authenticated in 2010 by Martin employee Mike Dickinson, Exotic Guitars. Appraised at $500 to $750 each.
Note how the central body section, if you were to remove the detachable body wings, would make the guitars appear very similar in appearance to the legendary Steinberger design. But as guitars with no acoustic soundbox, nor electrics for amplification, I can only assume that these guitars were intended for quiet practice.

G L Wilson

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  1. Doesn't David Gilmour have an electric one of these?

  2. very strange bridge!The timber used could be mahogany if you look closely at the scratches on its bottom but with a very dark stain like on some 40's and 50's furniture

  3. I love the look of them. 500 dollars is nothing. I prefer the bottom one with the round locks.I have some similar locks on an old 50's radio.You put a coin in and turn them The top one has suitcase style locks. They are both quite different. The top one has a bridge that isn't as good looking as the bottom one. I would love one of them.



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