Friday, 7 September 2012

Vinage & Rare Guitar of the Week: 1956 Gretsch Chet Atkins model 6129
Whoops! It seems I've not featured any Vintage & Rare guitars recently - this is not a deliberate oversight, rather it's just a case of me having been very busy and often not posting on the blog until last thing at night and - dare I say it - without having had the time to put in the research. So apologies to our friends at Vintage & Rare - we haven't forgotten you!

Although it looks like a Gretsch Roundup, this particular beauty - a 1956 Gretsch model 6129 - is believed to be the original Chet Arkins guitar before Gretsch developed his own signature model. It is being offered for sale by The Guitar Doctor via Vintage & Rare. Note the studded leather trim around the sides of the body; on many guitars it could look tacky, but on this Gretsch it looks quite natural and "appropriate".

To see and hear more, check out this video from Vintage & Rare:

G L Wilson

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  1. bucket list guitar.

    (wish to own one before I die)



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