Sunday, 16 September 2012

Guitarz Calendar for 2013... contributions wanted

This time last year we were busily putting together the Guitarz 2012 calendar (as pictured here). Because of a distinct lack of finances, until very recently I had thought that we wouldn't be able to produce another for 2013, however we now have a plan to go ahead with a 2013 calendar after all!

So, we are now wanting photograph submissions of YOUR unusual guitars - the stranger the better! Please no ordinary Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, etc - we all know what they look like already - they'll need to be really interesting customisations or variants if we are to feature any of these!

Photos should be high resolution, and should feature the whole length of the guitar face-on (so no chopped off headstocks please). From having compiled the Guitarz 2012 Calendar, I found out the hard way that landscape-orientated photographs fit the page a lot better than portrait pictures, so landscape pictures would be preferred.

Please keep backgrounds either neutral - and uncluttered - or else photograph the guitar in an interesting setting - but the focus of the photograph MUST be the guitar itself. Please avoid clutter and any extraneous objects - photographs should be composed artfully. Please no guitars laid on a bedsheet.

Obviously as it's for a calendar, we can only use 12 photos - one for each month - plus another photo for the cover, so we will choose from the best pictures submitted. Sorry, it will not be possible to use every submission but perhaps some can make it onto the pages of the blog itself.

Email photos to

G L Wilson

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