Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Glen Campbell's electric resonator guitar


Tone Deaf Radio has written to me asking what guitar Glen Campbell is playing in the above clip?

This red electric resonator guitar is also pictured on the front cover of his album "Hey, Little One".

Anyway, my suspicion was that it might be a Mosrite - I don't know why I thought that - but it's been vindicated by this page here where we see a very similar guitar in black for sale (pictured right). I did wonder if it was it was a genuine collaboration between the Dobro and Mosrite companies, or if the name Dobro is being used to describe the type of guitar, i.e. a resonator. Dobro is one of those brand names, like Biro or Hoover, that has passed into the language and is applied to similar items not of that brand. However, a look at the full-size photo clearly shows both names on the headstock.

G L Wilson

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  1. In the mid to late '60s Mosrite bought the rights to the Dobro trademark. The guitar is the D-100 Californian model. The made this instrument in 6 string, 12 string, and bass configurations. All hardware is Mosrite.

    1. Which is more or less what we had surmised.

    2. That is true. Mosrite owned the rights of the Dobro name well into the 80's. I worked for Semi in Bakersfield in 1975-76, and we still produced some of the Dobro models in the shop at the time.

    3. I worked for Semi in 1975-76 in the Bakersfield shop behind the old Civic Auditorium. At the time he still owned the rights to the Dobro name and we produced an occasional model for the market. I think they sold the name or it went back to some investors in the mid-80's. Sure some great memories, Semi gathered all the names around him. I was always amazed by the top flight talent sitting in the sound room on that old broken down couch beating the hell out of some new model Semi was promoting. Merle's guys, when they were in town, Dolly.....you name it, they were all his dearest friends.

    4. You can read about Glen and his 1966/69 Mosrite/Dobro Richmond D-50e at this link.
      Glen was as close to a signature artist as Semie had, this side of the Ventures...until Charles Kaman won him over with the newly established Ovation guitar.


  2. Sorry admin...it is the D100 Californian...my bad



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