Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Mita's hand-built guitar
We love seeing self-built guitars here on Guitarz, but they can so often be hit and miss. Some seem to design the guitar as they go along and you get very crude looking instruments. Others will rely on templates of tried and trusted designs. It's so refreshing to see an instrument that has been designed from the ground up, that looks fantastic and is all original.

Here we see such an example from Guitarz reader Mita, who made this guitar for a college project as a third year industrial designer student in 2007. The guitar was designed to be compact but with a full scale length, in this case 24.75". The "frets" are in fact inlays (see detail photo, right) making this a fretless guitar.

I think it's a fantastic piece of work. It is both aesthetically pleasing and an original design - something which can be very difficult to achieve.

If I had to criticize at all, I'd say that personally - and I stress that this is just my opinion - I don't see for the need of a tremolo on a fretless instrument (the whole point of a fretless is to use the fingers of the left hand to produce vibrato). But that's a minor niggle, I suppose it's possible that there are fretless players who also wants to divebomb, and this certainly isn't the first time I've seen a fretless guitar with a locking trem.

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