Friday, 9 July 2010

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the dead weather

A few months ago, a Guitarz reader pleasantly remarked that what we do here is easy and dishonest, since we just lazily browse the Web, steal a guitar pic here or there, add a few lines and claim the whole thing ours.

So last week I was very proud of myself when I decided to go for guitar hunting in the Real Life (the lack of interesting guitars on the Internet lately is not getting better!), and for the very first time took a small digital camera to a rock concert. And since it was a concert of the Dead Weather, I though that I would come back with great photos of two of the coolest guitars out there, the Gretsh custom white Bo Diddley (played by Alison Mosshart) and Billy Bo Jupiter Thunderbird (played by Jack White).

Unfortunately I'm a much better photographer with a big good camera, steady and in daylight, than in a middle of a jumping crowd with a quick succession of complete darkness, powerful spotlights straight into my lens and moving blue lights... Of the more or less 100 photos I took that night, these are the less bad, sorry... And when the show stopped, the roadies came right away and took the guitars away, so no chance to shoot them at rest either!

By the way, the concert was brilliant, even better than I expected, and I can tell you that I'm not an easy audience!

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