Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ras Allover's The Crotch bass

Regular readers might remember Ras Allover's Log bass which we looked at in March 2009.

Now he's back with a new log-based 4-string creation, named "The Crotch" which he claims is possibly the sexiest bass alive today.

Body: Ash *
Neck: Rock Maple w. Walnut Skunk Sripe
Bridge: BADASS
Pickup: MAXXON Vintage Single Coil
Strings: Heavy Gage ELIXIR Nano-Web Coated
Controls: Stacked Concentric Volume - Tone
Hand made in Toronto, Canada

Sounds and plays great with an exellent sustain and a deep rumble bassy tone.

Won 1st Price at the 'Six String Garage' instrument competition in Toronto, Canada!
Ras has even sent in an accompanying joke, which must be a first for Guitarz:
A tree grows up in the forest and doesn't know what kind of tree it is. So it decides to ask the Maple tree: 'Hey, Mr. Maple, I am trying to figure out what tree I am!' So Mr. Maple looks at him and says: 'I am not too sure, why don't you ask Mr. Pine over there?'

Ok so the young tree goes: 'Hey, Mr. Pine, I am trying to figure out what tree I am, can you help me out!' And Mr. Pine says: 'You know, I can't really tell from where I'm standing, why don't you ask Mr. Oak, he's been around the longest.'

So the little tree goes: 'Hey, Mr. Oak, I am trying to figure out what tree I am, any ideas?' Mr. Oak looks at him and says: 'You know, I am not too sure whether you are a son of a Beech or a son of a Birch, but your mother was definitely the best piece of Ash in the forest ...'
So there you go, a wood-based joke for all you luthiers and lovers of tonewoods. (Don't I remember an episode of The Phil Silvers Show in which Sgt Bilko was trying to persuade a bunch of TV executives that wood was currently what everyone was laughing at?)

G L Wilson

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