Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fender Japan Floral Print Telecasters - a modern take on the Paisley and Blue Flower designs
They are probably too flowery for many guitarists' tastes, but I think these new floral print Telecasters from Fender Japan (official designation TL69-SPL) are quite stunning. Perhaps you'd need to wear a Hawaiian shirt (or more appropriately a silk kimono) whilst playing one, or maybe that would be overkill.

Other than the particularly loud finish on, each of the three designs available are based on a pretty standard Tele with basswood body, one-piece maple neck, the usual two Tele pickups, and 3-saddle Telecaster ashtray-style bridge.

Thanks again to Keith McCreary who has obviously been closely scrutinizing the Fender Japan website.

G L Wilson

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