Monday, 7 November 2011

1963 worm eaten Egmond Lucky 7

You want vintage? You cannot find better than this worm eaten Egmond Lucky 7! Unfortunately this guitar is not playable anymore, but some wild luthier in love with authenticity, natural wood and zombie movies could be inspired and create the next super hype finish based on this - cannot be worse than the average paint jobs en vogue amongst teenaged metalheads.

You will note the typically budget instrument all-in-one-piece plastic pickup/pickguard/control plate/jack plate that allow to instal in one move all the electronic on the guitar. The Lucky 7 was one of the lowest end guitars of Dutch guitar brand Egmond that - if you remember well - provided budget guitars to many English young musicians who later changed the course of history.

You will find here a very interesting page about Lucky 7 and Egmond guitars. 


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