Saturday, 5 November 2011

Novax Charlie Hunter 8-string guitar

It's been a while since we last fed our too-many-strings category - and today no many-necked harp, no video game title song tapped on a 16-string bass, no Meshuggah-like juggernaut riff performed on an 8-string hyperstrat, but a very classy 8-string Novax Charlie Hunter Solidbody 8 guitar with a strange but ergonomic Les Paul extrapolation body in beautiful natural finish and a fanned fret neck.

It combines 5 guitar strings and 3 bass strings with separate electronics including 2 jack outputs and Bartolini pickups specially conceived fort it. Jazz musician Charlie Hunter contributed to its conception and used it extensively as you can see on the video below (there is also a semi-hollow version of this guitar).

So it there still someone who thinks that a 8-string guitar is a gadget?


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