Monday, 21 November 2011

A 1980s take on the extravagant Tokai Hummingbird

Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about this Tokai, but you can't deny that it looks to the Tokai Gakki Hummingbird like the Yamaha SC looks to its SGV predecessor: a toned down metal-oriented guitar. Having lost its German carve, contoured pickguard and slanted singlecoil neck pickup, it's a perfect 1980s hair-metal instrument, with violent red finish, one zebra humbucker in bridge position and Floyd Rose trem.

Isn't it a clear denial of the psyche-surf-pop brilliancy of the original Hummingbird? I would have overlooked it if I hadn't kept in mind the subtle finish of the SC-600 I posted about a couple of weeks ago, and how it reveals that even dulled in dull times, these crazy Japanese designs stayed above the lot! 


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