Sunday, 14 March 2010

Jolana Tornado

Jolana Tornado

This early 60s Jolana Tornado is a pure beauty, and has a good reputation as a player too, compared to average east-European communist era electric guitars.

I like the wide pickguard - unusual on a semi-hollow body -, the headstock is perfect in his simplicity and originality, the tremolo (at least aesthetically) could have become a standard, and above all I love the chrome switches - this is better than any Italian vintage guitar!

Would anybody buy my right kidney so I can buy this guitar?

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  1. I do have a Jolana Tornado, think it is from 1963 or -64. Was sitting in my closet for more than 25 years. Took it out of it's hiding and it still held the tuning. Plays great with a sweet mellow, bluesy tone. Bought this used in 1981 in Northern Norway. Lost the original Gig-bag.

  2. i have the same tornado jolana with the original two pieces cover. sitting in my closet for more than 30 years... and willing to sell it.



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