Friday, 19 March 2010

Burns Scorpion Gothic

bison scorpion

Since we got started on guitars with rear horns, I couldn't avoid to present here the Burns Scorpion, the first one to feature this design if I'm not wrong ; a beautiful vintage chrome plated Burns Scorpion bass was already presented on this blog, so this is the guitar.

The Scorpion was first released in 1979 during the penultimate incarnation of Burns - Jim Burns Actualizers Ltd. - but here is the 2002 reissue by Burns London Ltd., under the Gothic label (something terrible to rock music happened when gothic started to be misused for metal music...) - now it's called the Scorpion Design. This is the hardtail version, it's more common with a Floyd Rose trem.

In 2003 there was a short lived model with golden finish and hardware, definitely too late for glam-rock, I wonder who ever bought it, but some crazy Japanese Visual Kei band (you can see how coherent this blog is!)

Anyway, the Scorpion is a nice looking guitar for such a radical design, I appreciate the challenge, but it's not as good as the Bison that shares its front horns (in my humble opinion).


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  1. just bought one of these second hand didn't get a chance to play it threw an amp but i got it cheap and i love its design and yes i'm a metal head lol but i love most music old and new as long as talent is involved like classical flamenco some country you get the picture i was more happy where it was made in London where the new wave of British heavy metal was mostly from can't wait to get it home in two weeks



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